About Us

Konserve Advisory Services Limited is a Ugandan Limited Liability Company that started business operations as Konserve Consult Ltd in 2003.

Since then we have been at the vanguard of the renewable energies revolution in Uganda, developed a wide knowledge of the solar market in the East African Region and continue to provide modern, cost-effective solutions to a variety of satisfied clients

Solar and other clean, renewable energy will help end our reliance on fossil fuels and combat the severe threat that climate change poses to the environment.

Our mission

Improve livelihood through  use of clean energy solutions

Our Vision

Promote clean and efficient energy solutions for productivity as a means of enhancing livelihoods

Our Goal

Promote the use of clean energy technologies so as to improve quality of life and human productivity in Uganda

Reliable Energy Solutions For a Quality and Productive Life.

Uganda is situated at the equator and receives reliable sunlight throughout the year. There is no doubt that sustainable solar energy is the present and future solution to Uganda’s energy needs.

Our experience

Energy Efficiency 87%
Market Development & Training 75%
Turn Key Projects 63%
Importation & Distribution 50%

Our team

Clients and Partners

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