Corporate Social Responsility

Konserve Advisory services Limited partners with Nobrook Uganda Limited for a Cooperate Social responsibility Activity at: JAJJA FLORA HAPPY CHILDREN’S HOME

As part of our Cooperate social responsibility policy which seeks to impact positive change in communities where we operate, KAS teamed up with Norbrook Uganda Limited to provide a Solar powered energy system for Happy children’s home. Located a few kilometers from Kira town council, Jaja Flora’s happy children’s home is a modest homestead that is accommodates about 40 vulnerable children, aged between one to sixteen years. The home is run by Ms Florence Nakimbugwe (aka Jajja Flora), who has singlehandedly taken care of children since 1980.

Unlike most children’s homes, Jajja Flora gets aid from individual well-wishers, which limits accessibility to certain resources such Power. One of the objectives of this CSR activity was to address the many challenges that are as a result of lack of reliable and affordable power in this children’s home. As one of Uganda’s leading energy provider, KAS saw the urgent need to partner with Norbrook Uganda Limited in our ongoing campaign ‘HOME SOLAR SOLUTIONS FOR ALL’

On May 29th 2021, a 900Wp Solar system was installed at Jajja Flora’s Happy Children’s Home to help address the energy challenges. This system is designed to power all internal and

external lights, a television, radio, refrigerator, and phone charging outlets.

The work that commenced with a site survey carried out by KAS’s team of qualified electricians, was concluded in June 2021 with a commission ceremony. An end user training was delivered by KAS’s electrician.

“We wanted to assess how electricity is used at the home and come up with an efficient energy solution” says KAS’ Energy Engineer after conducting a site survey.

Among the many benefits of this CSR activity, is that the solar system has allowed students to access learning materials that are currently being delivered through unconventional channels as a request of the Covid 19 pandemic lockdown that has mostly devastated schools in less privileged communities. It also provides power for the refrigerator that stores beverages such as juice, water, which are sold to generate an income for the home.

KAS in partnership with Norbrook Uganda Limited were able to improve the livelihoods of the community in Jajja Flora Happy Children’s Home through access to reliable Solar Energy.

It has only been one week since the system was installed but it is already serving its intended purpose.

“The system is working fine and we only load about shs. 5,000/= on YAKA once in a while, for ironing” says Florence Nakimbugwe.


  • Relief from electricity bill pressure
  • Access to clean, safe and reliable energy
  • Promotion of Entrepreneurial Ideas


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