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Konserve Advisory Services Limited is a Ugandan Limited Liability Company that started business operations as Konserve Consult Ltd in 2003. Since then we have been at the vanguard of the renewable energies revolution in Uganda, developed a wide knowledge of the solar market in the East African Region and continue to provide modern, cost-effective solutions to a variety of satisfied clients.


Consultancy – Sustainable
Energy Energy Audits
Technical Business Training

Konserve Advisory Services is at the vanguard of the renewable energies revolution. We have established and continue to evolve the most efficient methods for the cost-effective and timely delivery of solar power installations in Uganda and the East African region.

Our experienced team is able to carry your project from the earliest stages of conceptualization and evaluation, during which we determine the optimal equipment and physical technical requirements of the client of any size from domestic to institutional and commercial applications.

We are able to provide a variety of options on equipment, installed capacity, scalability and cost to suit our clients and applications for the installed systems.

Thereafter Konserve Advisory Services is able to provide a complete range of post-installation services including maintenance, modification and scale-up.

Standalone Renewable Energy based
Electricity Solutions.

Energy Systems Integration Focused On Efficient Energy Use and Cost Saving


  • Design, Installation, and maintenance of off-grid energy solutions.
  • Implementation of Sustainable Energy Projects.
  • Setting up special calibration and energy usage monitoring mechanisms
  • Offering solutions for efficient energy use
  • Professional energy needs assessments for institutions of all sizes
  • Optimization of energy supply in Off-Grid Installations
  • Development of detailed maintenance plans to ensure optimized operations of such off-grid systems
  • Evaluation and monitoring performance of running projects not necessarily designed by KAS.
  • Energy Audits for Institutional buildings and industrial machinery.
  • Training artisans mainly in solar Photovoltaic (PV) and appropriate renewable energy technologies
  • Training technicians in design, installation, and maintenance of solar power systems.
  • Engaging private firms and developmental organizations in energy market outreach.
  • Development of sustainable commercially driven energy related projects for cooperative organizations, communities, private firms and micro financing institutes.
  • Identification and development of local energy markets.
  • Strategic development of mechanisms to promote the use of renewable energy products in Uganda

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